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When a Strange Sound Called

26 November 2017 by Story Of The Week 59347 Views
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It was Sunday and the sun was smiling brightly. Mary just woke up from her dreams. She still looked sleepy so she wanted to lie down on her bed. It was 7 o’clock and the sun was still busy colouring the day with his warm and bright shine. Suddenly, the door was opened and her mother was coming to greet her. “What a wonderful Sunday! Don’t you want to greet the sun with your smile, Honey? Look! It’s really sparkling and warm,” said her mother warmly. Mary just smiled and lazily got up. “Yes, Mom. It’s really a perfect day. I want all of my days full of the sun’s smiles,” said her by staring at the sun’s shine happily. Her mother smiled at her and said, “Of course, Dear. Come on, let’s tidy your bed up and take a bath. The breakfast is ready downstairs.” Her mother then went out of the room and Mary was about to tidy the bed up when a strange sound suddenly echoed throughout the room. The sound called her softly, but dreadfully, “Mary…Mary…Mary…” Mary was shocked and scared. She then hurriedly ran out of the room and found her mother was standing up in front of the door. She even bumped into her. “Oh, Mom! Help me, I’m so scared…,” trembled her. She hugged her mother tightly. “What’s going on, Honey? Are you okay?”, asked her mother worriedly.  She shook her head and trembled, “I’m so scared, Mom…” Her mother kissed her and said calmly, “Please, be calm. What makes you scared? It’s just a wonderful day. There is nothing to be scared, Honey.”

Her mother then brought her into the room and helped her neaten the bed. Suddenly, her mother found something under the bed. It was a monkey doll. “Honey, is it your doll?”, asked her mother. Mary looked at it closely and screamed loudly, “Aaaahhh!! Throw it away, Mom. Throw it! Just throw it! The doll is bleeding, Mom! It’s not a doll, but a monster!’, said Mary. Her mother was surprised and looked at the doll closely. She then smiled and said, “Dear. Did you have a nightmare last night? Did you pray before you slept?”. Mary was crying and calmly shook her head. “I was so sleepy last night, Mom…,’ said her while hugging her mother. “I forgot to pray, that’s why the nightmare haunts me like a monster…,” said her. “So, you know why you are so scared, don’t you?”, asked her mother. She nodded embarrassingly. Her mother then kissed and advised her wisely, “There will only be nice dreams for nice girls who like praying before kipping. Okay, Dear?”. Mary nodded and smiled at her mother. (Sulasih Nurhayati)

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